Please read the instructions below carefully as they contain essential information relating to the safety of operations and for compliance with operational requirements at the Skyports London Heliport.


Operational Restrictions

  • Skyports London Heliport follows a strict set of procedures, as set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Commercial (AOC) Operators must have the ability to Hover Outside of Ground Effect (HOGE) with One Engine Inoperative (OEI). This restriction is not applicable to private or corporate flights.

  • All operators wishing to use Skyports London Heliport must first obtain permission to land from the UK CAA due to the Heliport's location within a congested area and the London Specified area. A copy of this permission must be provided prior to any operations to/from the Heliport.


  • AOC (Air Operator's Certificate) holders and other commercial operators may have this as a blanket authorisation - but this must also be provided to Skyports London Heliport prior to any operation to/from the Heliport. Until further notice, applications for CAA permission to land at Skyports London Heliport should be emailed to: [email protected] (use form 1843, available for download below).

  • Private operators must contact the CAA to obtain the relevant permissions and exemptions from [email protected]. Allow several days for the necessary permission to be provided. This will involve a cost, which is the responsibility of the operator.

  • Please note that it is the responsibility of operators to comply with any other regulatory requirement currently in force and Skyports London Heliport is not able to do this on your behalf.

  • It is a requirement that operators using the heliport for the first time, arrange a pre-visit to acquaint themselves with approaches, surrounding buildings and hazards in order to satisfy themselves of its suitability for their use.

  • As the area adjacent to the Heliport is heavily congested and residential, we request that all pilots arrange their flight path, such that it minimises noise for our neighbours. Engine running on the pad is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Please refer below for the checklist of what must be provided to Skyports London Heliport prior to any operation. Failure to provide any of these will result in landing permission being denied by the operators of the Heliport.

You also need to provide us with billing details in advance of the landing taking place.


Compliance Checklist

Please ensure that you have provided Skyports London Heliport with the following documentation prior to your planned operation. Failure to provide any of the documentation below will result in the landing permission being denied.

Approval for Use Declaration

You can download the declaration form below.

Insurance Confirmation

You can download the Insurance Confirmation below.

Insurance for the Helicopter

Please provide a valid copy of your insurance for the helicopter used by email.

CAA's Permission to Land

Please provide CAA's permission to land at the Heliport by email.


Documents for Download

Please download, complete and return by email the Approval for Use and Insurance Confirmation declarations.

1. Terms of Use

Please read the terms and conditions for the use of Heliport

2. Approval for Use

Please complete, sign and return the Approval for Use document.

3. Insurance Confirmation

Please complete, sign and return the Insurance Confirmation document.

4. CAA's Permission To Land (SRG 1843)

Please complete the form and email the CAA at [email protected]